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"Going through this course has taught me a lot about ROI…. What it looks like to work smarter, not harder in your blog."



"This course has been a game changer for me and my business."



"Just since January, I have seen growth month over month on my blog. I can see all of the strategies that Julie gave me working and I feel like I have a game plan and strategy for my blog!"



"Everyone who has some kind of a business NEEDS to take this course!"



"I would highly recommend Six Figure Blog for bloggers of any level... to help you reach your blogs maximum potential!

Kristi + Kelli

Lolly Jane

"Julie’s course is laid out so perfectly and, as a seasoned blogger who still struggles with the inner workings of the business and technical side of things, she broke things down so thoroughly so I could understand them. In fact, I’ve finally gotten a grasp on blog terminology I’ve heard at conferences for years that at times went over my head and I regret investing time and money into a conference when everything I needed was in Julie’s course all along. I love that I can take it at my own pace from the comfort of my own home. The content is bright, airy and attractive but more importantly, easy to follow. And just when you think you have a question or clarification, Julie answers it on the next line. I would highly recommend Six Figure Blog for bloggers of any level as either a refresher to start from the beginning and thoroughly check off every step OR to help you reach your blogs maximum potential!"


Just Imagine...

✔ Being a full-time blogger, living your dream life while passively generating a significant living from your site!

✔ Growing your site and your income beyond your own expectations!

✔ Having a flexible schedule and being in control of your time and income!

✔ Finally being able to pay off debt, purchase a vacation home or take luxurious vacations!

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Enrollment is now open for a limited time!


If you want to make a living sharing your creative content, it can be really frustrating to spend countless hours creating only to post and promote, receive very few views and not generate any revenue from your hard work.


It’s even more frustrating to see others’ success, living the dream you are struggling to achieve.


You doubt yourself and wonder “Is it me? Do I have what it takes? Do people not like my content?” 


That couldn’t be further from the truth!

The Secret is Not Just to be a Blogger,


By having a strategy to grow and monetize, I have been able to work less, take summers off and  generates hundreds of thousands of dollars each year!


My site continues to double and triple year over year.

What most bloggers don’t realize is that they already have everything they need to help readers solve their problems.

Do you ever feel like you JUST DON’T KNOW how to make it all effective?

My site wasn’t always successful. I had amazing highs and disappointing lows. It took me years of stumbling, learning and failing before I generated significant revenue. I know what it feels like to doubt yourself.


When I started my site, I didn’t realize it could be a business. I was working countless hours as a wedding and event coordinator spending nights and weekends away from my newborn daughter. 


In hopes of making it a business, I spent countless hours creating content - that didn’t go anywhere. 


That is exactly what I teach you in Six Figure Blog!


I know how it feels.


I decided to shift my mindset and make my blog a business, and I will show you how to DO THE SAME!

I changed my mindset, I started treating my website like a business and I set goals, implemented strategies and started thinking outside of the box.


I was able to generate more income than my husband who, in addition to college, spent 4 years in medical school and 3 years in residency. Now I support our entire family and he can enjoy the same flexibility of spending more time doing the things we love.


I’m so excited to share my system with you so that you can do the same!


Six Figure Blog is a Compilation of Years of Education and Experience

It is an easy-to-follow, step-by-step, foolproof system to help you grow your business - without the mistakes!


I am sharing the strategies and steps I have used to grow my site to a significant six figure income. 


Your site is a tool that will help you perpetually generate revenue whether you’re working or not! Your site can not only make a difference in your reader’s lives, but help you achieve your goals and bring your dream to life! 


In Six Figure Blog you’ll learn how to shift your mindset to become a full-time blogger. You’ll learn how to start and grow a new site from scratch or to grow your existing site into a small media company.


As a Member of Six Figure Blog, You Will...


✔ Shift Your Mindset

✔ Learn to Monetize

✔ Grow Your Site

✔ Understand Analytics

✔ Optimize Content

✔ Implement Time Saving Strategies

✔ Build a Community

  • How to Start a Blog (don’t worry, there’s SO, SO much more for experienced bloggers)

  • Quick Tips for Growth

  • Email Strategy

  • Pinterest Strategy

  • The Basics of SEO

  • SEO Best Practices

  • Keyword Research 

  • How to Audit Your Content

  • How to Effectively Update Posts

  • How to Maximize Existing Content

  • Technical SEO

  • How to Improve Page Speed

  • What to Do When Traffic Dips

  • Tracking + Goal Setting

  • How to Prioritize

  • How to Streamline

  • Generate Affiliate Revenue

  • Increase Ad Revenue

  • Working with Brands

  • Networking

  • Copyright

  • and SO much more!

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Enrollment is now open for a limited time!

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Building a network is imperative to success. Being a blogger can be lonely, especially when you’re trying to make a living from it.


This is not another Facebook Group - it is an exclusive community with direct access to ME! I am here to help you every step of the way to answer your questions and help you reach your goals. 


In addition, you will meet like-minded, motivated entrepreneurs! It’s the easiest way to network and make new friends, collaborate and more!


Our members only community will keep you accountable, motivate you, and support you as you pursue your dream and achieve your goals!



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Increase your click through rate (= more traffic, more money and less work!!) with compelling subject lines and titles. Take the guesswork out with these easy, must-have  formulas!

If You’re Looking to Create or Grow a Lucrative Site, Six Figure Blog is For You!

✔ You have a site and you want to make it your full-time income

✔ You feel like you have “hit a wall” and are struggling to grow

✔ You feel like the algorithm doesn’t like your site/content

✔ You are waiting for the day your content takes off and you can take a break

✔ You don’t know where to start

✔ You have scoured the internet trying to learn and are feeling frustrated and tired

Questions? I can help!

Here are a few answers to our most common questions...

Will I have immediate access to course materials?

There are so many food/craft/home/diy/(insert yours) sites. Can I still grow mine?

Are websites still relevant?

What if I don’t know what I’m doing?

I work, how will I have time to grow my site?

What if I have a strong site, will this course help?

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Enrollment is now open for a limited time!

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